Press Release: May 31, 2018

Rare genetic disease diagnosis algorithm competition platform saves time and improves accuracy of diagnosing rare diseases

NEWTOWN, Pa., May 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE:EPAM), a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, today announced that the Alexion SmartPanel won the Judges’ Prize in the Bio-IT World Best Practices Awards. The Alexion SmartPanel, developed in an EPAM partnership with Alexion Pharmaceuticals, is an open platform that allows the objective comparison of contributed algorithms for automated rare disease diagnosis.

“The vision behind SmartPanel was to leverage the creativity of multiple, independent algorithm developers from academia and the life sciences industry to tackle the challenge of automating rare disease diagnosis given a set of observations about a given patient,” said Richard Golob, Vice President and Global Head of Life Sciences, EPAM. “The team created an open software platform that supports many contributed algorithms, including our own top performing algorithms. These important advancements were made possible through our three-year partnership with Alexion and our advanced algorithm development, analytics and software development expertise.”

As rare disease diagnosis is a complicated and time-consuming process, the life sciences industry is always looking for solutions that automate the process. Scientists have developed a number of diagnosis algorithms to address this challenge, but it is difficult to evaluate performance. The Alexion SmartPanel addresses this need by providing an open framework for systematically evaluating alternative diagnostics algorithms. Each algorithm installed on the platform is given as input the same set of observations about real or simulated patients that have previously been positively diagnosed. The platform runs each algorithm and ranks it as to its ability to correctly diagnose the disease.

The Bio-IT World Best Practices Awards honor excellence in bioinformatics, basic and clinical research, and IT frameworks for biology and drug discovery. This is the second Bio-IT World Best Practices Award that Alexion and EPAM won – last year, the Alexion Insight Engine received the 2017 Editor’s Choice Award. The Alexion Insight Engine, developed in an EPAM partnership with Alexion Pharmaceuticals, is a decision support system that provides senior executives and corporate planning staff with answers to business and scientific questions across a landscape of about 9,000 rare diseases. 

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